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Have you ever made a $100Bn mistake?

How many little 'mistakes' have you made in your professional life?

I'm talking about things like sending an email to the wrong person or missing a typo when proofing a document.

If you were to allocate a monetary amount to the 'cost' of these mistakes I doubt they'd ever amount to much.  For example, me sending an email to someone that was meant for someone else has seldom had dire repercussions.

So spare a thought for a poor worker bee at a Korean brokerage this week who made a pretty big 'simple' mistake.

Apparently an employee of brokerage Samsung Securities caused chaos in Korea last week when he accidentally made a monster of a typo.  He typed 'shares' instead of 'won'.

Why is this a problem?  Well, this little typo ended up issuing 2.8bn shares to staff of Samsung Securities which has a total cost of around $100Bn (USD).

Not bad for a typo, right?

Won is the South Korean currency and the employee had intended to pay dividends to staff wo…

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