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Remembering Nabeel Qureshi

I met Nabeel Qureshi only briefly.  It was at a pub in Oxford back in 2013.
I was in Oxford doing a short course on Christian apologetics and, after the final day’s lectures, a bunch of us went out for a celebratory beer or two.
Nabeel wasn’t in the course but he was travelling as an attaché to Ravi Zacharias.  Ravi had given two lectures on the final day of the course and Nabeel came too.
None of us knew who he was but we knew he was a former Muslim1 who’s now a Christian. When he came to the pub he sat down in a chair next to me and I tried to make some small talk.
I asked him: “So, what’s your career going to look like?  Are you going to speak mostly to Muslims?”
He answered: “No.  I’m an apologist.  I’ll talk to anyone about Jesus.”
I then tried to sound impressive and said, “Oh cool!  So where do you start in the debates? Do you try and talk about ontological arguments and so on?”
He chuckled and said, “Well, no.  Most people if you start talking about that will just do this.” And he he…

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