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Reading the Bible in a year - lessons learned

If you’re a regular church-goer you’ll likely be familiar with the most repeated of New Year’s resolutions: this year, I’m going to read through the whole Bible within a year.
It’s an admirable goal. And so, with their heads held high, many a Christian burrows into the first few chapters of Genesis.  
But, by the time the end of the week rolls around, they’ve probably missed a day.
Then the guilt starts.  Then all of a sudden our adventurous reader is facing a day when, to get back on track with their reading plan, they need to read all of Exodus and Leviticus in a weekend.  No one comes back from that.
However, this past year, my wife and I decided we’d give it another crack.  We'd both read every book of the Bible before, but never in a continual sitting. 
So, we downloaded a 5-day-per-week reading plan that gave 4-5 Old Testament chapters and 1 New Testament chapter per day and around 3 Psalms per week.
It was also done in chronological order which made things interesting. For exampl…

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