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The biggest strategic marketing mistake I’ve seen

Does your marketing strategy miss the point? I got an email out of the blue last week asking me to review a marketing strategy. The strategy had been prepared by a consultant for an umbrella organisation. 1   The umbrella organisation is funded by multiple companies, and it was the MD of one of those companies that wanted my opinion. The MD’s concern was that he wasn’t getting value for money.   He was contributing thousands of dollars to this umbrella organisation’s marketing budget and wanted to know if he was getting fleeced. Unfortunately for this MD, I reckon he has been getting fleeced. The marketing strategy I reviewed was anything but strategic.   It felt like someone had taken a marketing shaped cookie cutter and placed it down without much extra thinking. This might sound harsh, but overall the big thing missing was: WHY. There were lots of recommendations to run adverts on TV or via billboards, but I had no idea why these were being recommended.   I

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