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Some alarming junk mail

Do you read everything that arrives in your mail box?
I seldom get excited at the prospect of new ‘mail’.I think the last person to send me something in the post that wasn’t a bill, junk mail, or some kind of correspondence from the government was my Dad who sent me a tree as a Christmas present.1
Elected officials are usually pretty reliable mail senders.Whether it’s shopping list with a magnet on the back, little calendars with a magnet on the back, updates on how they’re serving your local community (sometimes with a magnet on the back), politicians can often be counted on to replenish your mail box semi-regularly.2
However, I reckon the elected officials in Sweden may have gone to a whole new level in government-supplied mail.
You may have missed this story, but it was reported that the Swedish government began sending leaflets to every household advising Swedes what to do if war breaks out.
Yes, you read that correctly.
The 20-page pamphlet, released in English and Swedish and titled &…

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