Massive news day today

The ABC News homepage is a busy place today
I woke up this morning thinking that the terror attack in London would be the story that demanded rolling coverage all day.

Then Ford decided to close its Australian factories.

Then Peter Slipper was officially charged with fraud by the Australian Federal Police.

It's hard to know how to respond to the first two stories because they're full of human and real life tragedy, disappointment and anger.

The Slipper one is much easier to respond to - it's time he got his comeuppance.

Overall though, I can't get my mind off the London attack.  It was in broad daylight.  It was witnessed by dozens of onlookers.  It's just gruesome, terrifying and sickening.

Amazingly, both murderers were captured alive.  Once fully healed, they'll face the UK justice system and we may see that rolling media coverage after all.