A great speech with a great message

I recently got back from the UK where I went to a summer school at Oxford University where the focus was on the life of C.S. Lewis and what we can learn from his teachings.

I confess, I haven't read much Lewis, but after hearing all week what a great guy he was, I decided this needed to change.

Fast forward to my lunch break today where I read one of Lewis's speeches called: The Weight of Glory.

I won't step on the toes of the speech itself, but if you want a narrative that beautifully crosses the divide between the prosperity gospel and the gospel of suffering, look no further!

Click on the book to read the speech

I'll try and post some more thoughts on this later in the week but, for now, rather than busy yourself with my writing, busy yourself with that of C.S. Lewis.


Amanda said…
Thanks Dyl! Gonna read it. Haven't read tons of his works either.